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Susan Krejci is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a certified special education teacher with over 33 years of experience working with clients of all ages diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She has spent over 20 years working specifically with the preschool population and 10 years as a mentor providing instructional support to teachers in the public school setting. Susan has provided training to parents and teachers in group and individual settings, including a variety of researched-based strategies that work in the home, school and community.

Completing Functional Behavioral Assessments and developing Behavior Intervention Plans that Work is her specialty!

As a BCBA Susan is able to observe and provide data on the function of inappropriate behaviors as well as develop strategies to extinguish the behavior or replace the behavior with an appropriate response.

Susan understands the limitations the school districts in the North Texas area are faced with on a daily basis. She has experience working in the public-school setting and helping teachers provide the best possible education for your child. She has developed curriculum for both reading and math for children with low cognition as well as higher-functioning children with autism. Susan can provide your child with a full range of behavioral services.

As a volunteer to advocate and provide services for children and adults with autism, Susan helped to establish the Autism Society of Collin County (now National Autism Association, North Texas, NAA-NT) and maintained a position on the board for over 8 years. She provided support to the Young Adult Self-Advocacy Group and provided a Sunday School Program for adults with disabilities for over 5 years. Susan has also worked as a volunteer in the children’s Sunday School Programs and helped to modify curriculums and bulletins so parents could attend religious services.

Her accomplishments have been admired by parents, colleagues, and community members throughout her career.

Susan received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Dallas in Special Education, a Master’s degree from Texas Women’s University, and her board certification from the University of North Texas.
She is a member of Texas Association of Behavior Analyst (TxABA), Association for Professional Behavior Analyst (APBA), Autism Society of America (ASA), National Autism Association – North Texas (NAA-NT), and the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

Susan has attended numerous professional conferences to ensure integration of current research into practice. Most recently she has attended:

ABAI – Annual Autism Conference 2016

  • Ethical Issues in Assessment and Treatment in ABA Clinical Services
    Presenter: Jennifer Zarcone PhD. BCBA-D
  • Integrating Behavior Economic Principles with Assessment and Treatment for  Autism Spectrim Disorder
    Presenter : Henery Roane PhD. BCBA-D
  • Implementing ABA at Scales of Social Importance PBIS
    Presenter: Wayne Fisher PhD. BCBA-D

CPI – Instructor Certification Program 2016

Association for Professional Behavior Analyst 2016

  • Recent Developments in Health Insurance Coverage of ABA services for People with ASD
    Presenter: Autism Speaks Panel