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Social Stories

Social stories are sequenced stories, usually written in the first person, with simple phrases and pictures that describe different events or activities that happen in everyday life. These stories are used to describe what happens during these events and how to appropriately respond or behave in these situations. Social stories can be developed to address appropriate hygiene routines, holiday events, family vacations, emotions, and to teach social skills, safety, and manners. Social stories can be used to prepare a child for an upcoming activity in which they may be unfamiliar or to identify environmental cues and how to respond when they occur. The level of difficulty of social stories can be simple to complex and should be presented at the developmental level of the child. When writing social stories it is best to make the story specific to your child and their needs and to integrate pictures to assist them in understanding the key content. Stories are most effective when read daily if they are attempting to learn a new skill or immediately prior to participating in the event. Reinforcement should also be delivered for desired behaviors when they occur in both practice and naturalistic settings.

Examples of Social Stories:
Being Teased
Hands to Myself
Follow the Rules

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