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Steps to Success for Insurance Verification

  1. Complete the form on the Client Information page – include all information and a phone number for us to contact you to verify you still want us to check benefits and answer questions before we start the process.
  2. Fax a front and back copy of your insurance card.
  3. Fax, Mail or drop off a medical diagnosis and a prescription for your child to receive ABA services. The medical diagnosis should be in the form of the Diagnostic Testing Report, school reports do not meet the criteria for insurance benefits.
  4. Once these forms are received, our billing department will contact your insurance company to check benefits.
  5. The admissions/billing specialist will contact you regarding your insurance coverage (deductibles/co-pays/out of pocket expenses & out of network charges if applicable).
  6. If you would like for your child to complete an assessment through ABA of North Texas, the intake specialist will contact you to schedule a date and time.
  7. All intake and admissions paperwork will need to be completed and returned before the assessment begins.
  8. Once the assessment is complete, the treatment plan will be reviewed with you.
  9. A schedule and start date will be determined to meet your child’s specific needs and recommendations from the assessment and treatment plan.