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Ages 3-14 years

Behavioral ServicesABA of North Texas uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis; we develop a treatment approach for children with autism which focuses on minimizing challenging behaviors and maximizing skill acquisition.

ABA of North Texas teaches children self-help and safety skills, builds language and communication, as well as an array of advanced skills such as theory of mind, social skills, and executive functioning. ABA of North Texas relies heavily on the input of parents and the child’s caregivers to set challenging goals for our team and the child and to track progress on each skill.

The program is developed and managed by our highly trained staff who will tailor the program to each child’s needs. Our team of therapists implement the plan and participate in training and team meetings to ensure consistency. The treatment team and caregivers are asked to participate in regular meetings designed to review the child’s progress and introduce and implement new techniques.

Considering each child enters our program with unique needs, we focus on developing long-term goals that are important for each child and their family. The ultimate goal is to teach independence, appropriate social skills, build relationships, and develop many other functional skills.