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ABA of North Texas is dedicated in empowering parents in becoming their child’s best advocate. Our parent advocacy services focus on teaching parents how to advocate for the children by increasing their confidence level.

We encourage parents to understand how the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) works. This includes understanding your rights as a parent and your child’s rights, how to prepare for the IEP, how to ask for changes to your child’s IEP, and how to understand and interpret your child’s assessments and evaluations.

Certified staff will consult and accompany you to classroom observations, school and teacher conferences and IEP meetings and assists you in every aspect along the way.

Advocacy Services
Advocacy services are offered to our clients free of charge. ABA of North Texas wants to ensure each client is receiving the best over-all program to meet both the medical and educational necessities to be successful in the family and the community.

Advocacy services include:

  • IEP review before ARD meetings
  • Develop meaningful goals and objectives
  • Overview of services your child may qualify to receive
  • Attend ARD meetings to ensure what you want for your child is what you will receive for your child
  • Monitor school data for progress
  • Work with the school district to ensure progress in all areas for your child
  • Consultation in the students classroom to ensure generalization of all skills

When there is a problem:

  • Provide procedures for working with the district to solve the problem
  • Review of Procedural Safeguards
  • Step by step direction (who to call and what to say to get the district to listen to your concerns)
  • The next steps if the problems and concerns are not resolved