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ABA of North Texas

ABA of North Texas employs researched based applied behavior analysis therapy that ensures our clients have the best possible opportunities to be successful in their lives. We’re proud to serve all of North Dallas as well as all areas of Collin County.

ABA of North Texas:

  • Provides quality evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment to children of all ages and disabilities
  • Instructional services may be provided to children and young adults with autism and other behavioral challenges. All services are individualized to promote skills in the areas of:
    • Learning to learn, e.g., observing, listening & following instructions and imitation
    • Self care
    • Communication (both verbal & non-verbal)
    • Play and social skills
    • School readiness
    • Academics
    • Self monitoring
    • Pre-vocational and vocational skills
    • Safety and community living
  • All therapy sessions are based on continuous individual assessment of each client and may include:
    • Individual or group therapy
    • Home based therapy
    • Center based therapy
    • Inclusive community training (church, day care, special activities)
  • Provides a wide array of scientifically validated procedures including:
    • Discrete trial
    • Modeling
    • Naturalistic teaching
    • Activity embedded teaching
    • Task analysis and chaining
  • Generalization of newly acquired skills is supported by effective collaboration with families and professionals from other disciplines to maximize outcomes
  • Speech and Occupational Services available on site through Speech and OT of North Texas